Make It Through The Afternoon Slump!


Your day’s not over yet, but you don’t think you can pull through any longer. You’re tired, your energy’s sapped, and all you want to do is take a nap. That’s great, if you can- but how often is that really a possibility? If you find yourself drained by the afternoon, try some of these ideas to get you through the afternoon slump:

  1. Make sure you eat a nutritious breakfast and lunch. When your body doesn’t have enough fuel, you’re bound to run out of energy. Eat smart portions of protein and whole grains.
  2. But don’t eat too much lunch. Eating a rich lunch will make you tired.
  3. Drink water. Being dehydrated can make you tired. Drink some cold water and make sure to stay hydrated throughout the day.
  4. Take a short break. Make a phone call, catch up on Facebook, or anything that will distract you from your work and give you a fresh start.
  5. Take a walk. Moving around will give you a burst of energy. If you can get outside for a few minutes the sunlight will be a great help, too.
  6. Chew gum. Sounds crazy, but chewing gum will boost your energy. Chew a minty flavor, since mint is a stimulant.
  7. Drink coffee or tea. Caffeine and antioxidants. No need to say more.
  8. Wash your face. Splash some cold water on your face to wake you up.
  9. Wear bright colors. Studies show that bright colors keep you more alert
  10. Move away from the screen. Sitting too close to your screen can make you feel fatigued.
  11. Eat a high protein snack.
  12. Laugh. Watch a funny video, or tell a joke. Laughing will energize you.

You’ll still be counting the hours until your work is done, but using these tricks will help you make it through the day.